League Constitution

1. The league shall be called the South Staffs Badminton League.

2. The objects of the league shall be the arrangement of league tournaments, and the promotion and extension of badminton generally in South Staffordshire.

3. Conditions of membership and subscription shall be in accordance with the Rules of the League.

4.The Officers of the League shall consist of a Chairman, Honorary Secretary Honorary Treasurer Match Secretaries and Registration Secretary They shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. In the event that one of these roles is not filled by a volunteer then a ballot of the clubs not on the committee would take place and it would be up to the club drawn to find someone to perform the role.  In addition, up to five committee positions are available for people to fill.

5.An Honorary President and Vice President shall be elected in accordance with the Rules of the League.

6.The general business of the League shall be conducted by its officers and a committee elected in accordance with the rules laid down.

7.An annual meeting shall be held at the end of the season each year, but in all cases before the end of May, for the purpose of receiving the committee’s reports, passing of accounts, electing of officers and auditors for the coming year, and other general business. Each club belonging to the League shall send a representative, only one vote per club will be valid.  The officers shall not be deemed to be representatives of the respective clubs to which they may belong unless they are the only representative present from the club.  Printed notice convening the meeting and stating agenda shall be sent to the secretaries of all clubs belonging to the league, at least 28 days prior to the AGM.  All secretaries will then present any amended proposals or new proposals to the League Secretary over the next 14 days.  The final list of proposals will be presented to the club secretaries at least 7 days before the AGM.  Seven clubs represented shall form a quorum; the chairman shall have a casting vote.  Failure to send a representative to the AGM, may result in a 2 point deduction for each team entered into the league in the following season, unless the committee feels that there are extenuating circumstances.

8. A special general meeting may be convened at any time by the committee and shall be convened by the League Secretary upon requisition in writing by registered  post signed by any 5 members of the committee or by the representatives of six affiliated clubs.  Every such requisition shall expressly state the object of the proposed meeting.  The League Secretary shall give to the secretaries of all clubs at least 14 days notice of such Meetings, specifying the purpose for which it is called.  No other business other than that specified shall be transacted at that meeting.

9. An AGM, or extraordinary general meeting may be authorised to discuss changes to the rules for the administration of the League. These changes must be carried by a majority of the votes cast for and against at the meeting. Any changes will become effective from the start of the next season.

10. Authority to bring in any motion amending any part of the constitution must be given by 75% of the clubs voting at the meeting. Any changes will become effective immediately.

11. The League Secretary shall call a meeting of the committee when requested in writing to do so by 3 members thereof, or at any time at their discretion. Four members  shall form a quorum.

12. The committee shall have the power to alter or add to the rules of the League as they may from time to time deem expedient, notice of such proposed alterations shall be set forth in the notice convening the committee meeting.  Any such alterations must be brought up for confirmation at the next annual general meeting.

13. The League shall have the power to act as a trading body for the purchase or sale of ties, badges and other articles relating to the League.