Badminton England have a level 1 Coaching course coming up at Billesly Tennis and Fitness Club Birmingham 27/28th May. Link is below.

Does your club know if their nominated players will have played at least 50% of the matches by the end of the season?

“A one point penalty per player per match shortfall shall be imposed for any player who doesn’t conform to this, the committee will consider mitigating circumstances e.g. whereby a player is injured or leaves the club, as long as the relevant match secretary is notified at the time the circumstances occur”

Following the withdrawal of WBC from the mixed league all their results have been removed and the results for the remaining clubs have been recalculated and updated.

All results need to be sent within 24hrs of the match being played.

All players need to be registered seven days before their first match.

Evens Div 1 Season 2022-23

1Three Spires 112110187216622
3Novus 1127055553214
4BJF BC 1126065157-612
5Novus 2124084167-268
6TP/Norton 1112093564-294
7Streetly 11210112286-640

Evens Div 2 Season 2022-23

1BJF BC 212100281275419
2TP/Norton 21290363451818
3Novus 31280464442016
4Three Spires 21270562461612
5Novus 4123093573-386
7Pinfold BC1220103771-342

Mixed Div 1 Season 2022-23

1Novus Mixed 114131065125327
2TP/Norton Mixed 114101359253421
3Streetly Mixed 1148153834417
4Novus Mixed 2147254236615
6Three Spires Mixed 11453640261410
7TP/Norton Mixed 21422101458-444
8Novus Mixed 31411112163-423